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Compensating Cable


Compensating Cable

●Materials of Insulation & Sheath: PVC
●Types of Shapes: Flat
●Types of Shields: NO Shield

Item Number Sales Unit Sales Price (JPY) Ship Date Net Weight (approx.)
VX-G-VVF 1P-7/0.32 (0.5sq) 100 m/roll 10,900 /roll 3 2.3 kg/roll
VX-G-VVF 1P-24/0.2 (0.75sq) 100 m/roll 15,800 /roll 3 3.7 kg/roll
VX-G-VVF 1P-4/0.65 (1.3sq) 100 m/roll 18,900 /roll 3 6.1 kg/roll
VX-G-VVF 1P-7/0.65 (2.3sq) 100 m/roll 26,900 /roll 3 8.4 kg/roll

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